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4 Tips For Hiring The Right SEO Firm


The best “SEO firm” for you might not be much of a firm. Bigger is not better. Less sometimes, but not always, is more. The right SEO firm for you might have one or two employees working from a basement. Or it might be the SEO firm with 500 employees. Don’t write either one off automatically.


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SEO Company Atlanta | SEO Pricing Packages | Search Engine Optimization Firm Atlanta Ga

As an Atlanta SEO Company in Duluth Ga, Computer Construction Company provides SEO services to small businesses through out the USA since 2001. Through the years of specializing in SEO services we have obtained our own technique and it has been proven over and over through the years. Give us a call at 678.218.0400 to discuss your SEO needs for your website.

SEO Companies in Atlanta come a dime a dozen however it is important to hire the SEO firm that has proven results and who can provide you with past and present referrals. We can do that

Our website design services is priced very affordable for small businesses as well. We can offer website updates and we have been known to do some website updates for free when it is something simple. If your business is located outside of the Atlanta area such as Gainesville Ga or Athens Ga, call us we can take care of all of your internet needs and save you money at the same time.

Award Winning SEO Company in AtlantaDoes your website show up in the search engines? 
 Or, does YOUR competition!

Has Your Sales Increased This Year?

Our sales has increased over 83% this year and we were showing up in the search engines last year too! I have had clients say their sales have increased up to 300% the first year they hired our SEO firm. If your sales are stagnate and you don’t have a big advertising budget call us! It is possible you may be able to afford getting your website optimized and do not realize it. We love to work with small companies.

The SEO services we provide on this website is what we would do to yours to get it to show up.

Spend Your Money Wisely

We know that a company can spend thousands of dollars on the design of a website, however if it is not optimized to show up in the search engines you are wasting your money.

In order for your website to effectively generate business for your company 24 hours a day it has to be optimized to show in the search engines.Your website can be your number one sales rep while you are performing the many professional tasks your business requires.

Need a website designed?

We can bring you results. We design creative, original, clear, and easy to navigate websites that will enable your corporate or small business website to stand out over your competition. Your website has to be fantastic to stand out above your competition. 

What makes a fantastic website you ask?   

The answer is simple: clarity, usability, purpose driven content, dynamic and visually appealing graphics — the four ingredients for a successful website. Call us now to get started with a new website and or SEO services (678) 218-0400.


Award Winning SEO Company in Atlanta

We were awarded Small Business of the Month in January of 2012 by the Gwinnett Chamber of Commerce. Which is ranked #3 in the nation. WOW! What a compliment!

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Website Services We Offer:

  • We Specialize in Search Engine Optimization SEO Services
  • Website Design – WordPress or Joomla
  • Content Writing 
  • Creating Social Media or Blog Pages – Blogger, Facebook or Google 


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About Computer Construction Company

As a leading search engine optimization SEO company in Atlanta we have kept our place at the top of Google giving our competition a really bad head ache. We take pride in not only how our website shows up in the search engines but how well our clients show up and beat their competition. 

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SEO Company Atlanta | SEO Pricing Packages | Search Engine Optimization Firm Atlanta Ga



SEO Company Atlanta | SEO Pricing Packages | Search Engine Optimization Firm Atlanta Ga