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We believe you are looking to dominate your market, that is why you are on this website. We have GREAT News! We can do it for you! The expertise we use will have you dominating the internet in more ways you have never heard of. Fill out or request a quote form and we will call you.

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Google & Your Website!

Google is constantly changing it’s algorithm and in response internet marketing has evolved to adhere to it’s demands. Please keep in mind the websites that show up in the natural results; they aren’t making money off that company. In turn business owners that are the do it yourself types have been forced to move to pay per click ads or fall off the face of the internet.

On the other hand Google has cleaned up the internet when it comes to companies that have practiced black hat SEO practices. To insure clean competent results within it’s search engine it has implemented best practices placed on business owners and who they hire for their digital branding.

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Things To Consider With Digital Marketing!

Google no longer uses page rank to rank a website. It now uses domain name authority and page authority as well as Moz Trust Rating. There are a couple of ways to build your trust and authority rankings; one is citation building and social media networking.

Google knows it has to keep people coming back to it’s search engine for searches so it offers Google my Business page for mobile users that is connected to your company’s Google + page. We call this local seo and our technique consists of on page seo and off page seo.

Now lets look at social media! All of the social media websites have very high domain and page authority in Google’s eyes. When ever you have links coming from those websites it affects your domain and page authority if you do it right. Social media marketing is quite affordable for digitally branding your company’s name and logo.

Google has implemented security into it’s algorithm this past year. If you have a SSL certificate installed on your website Google will give you goo goo eyes when it comes to spider your website. You can usually get this done at a very affordable price. Google will not penalize you if you do not have an SSL certificate but why not. It is a simple quick way to stand out and above your competition.

Blogging on your website and if it is set up correctly it will increase your ranking in the search engines as well. Blogging on other websites with high domain and page authority will increase your reputation with Google as well.

Search engine optimization a must if you want to make money with your website. If you do not invest in search engine optimization you are going to waste your initial investment of your company’s website. If you include all of the digital marketing services your business website will be a rock that will crush your competition.

Your Website! Is it REALLY Working on YOUR Behalf?

Once traffic has arrived to your website are you getting a conversion rate that is boosting your return of investment? If not, we can analyze your website and consult you on the changes needed to increase your ROI.

We can also create a dynamic powerful website that caters to not only your services or products but to your potential clientele. A website is usually your first impression for internet users so why not make it a good one.

We believe your website can be your #1 sales rep and we have proved it over and over again.

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