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Computer Construction Company, Inc is a marketing agency that specializes in search engine optimization SEO services since 2001. We consider ourselves a digital marketing agency today due to the fact of all of the other digital marketing services we offer. When we started providing SEO services Amazon was barely known, Google was actually competing with MSN and Yahoo. The Google algorithm was simple and easy to beat back then compared to today's algorithm.

In fact did you know that Google has multiple algorithms and multiple databases now? It is very important to have your website conform to meet the requirements of each algorithm so you can be on top of your competition. Give us a call for a FREE consultation on what will best meet your needs and goals at (678) 218-0400.

As one of the best seo companies in Atlanta, you can rest assured that we will do a fantastic job driving traffic to your website.

If you are wanting to show up in Google maps we offer a SEO mapping service that will get you in the 3 pack of the maps listing. We offer a research program to offer you the best geological SEO service to target the correct map areas. We want you to make the most money with your investment. It does not matter if you are business to business service or business to the public users searching for your services or products.

In the process of providing your company with internet advertising your website usually needs to be tweaked to create lead generation or sales conversion, our marketing consultants that includes website designers will make those changes once a conversion plan is developed.

Take note that are a web hosting company and our best price is $75.12 a year and it does not shoot up after the expiration.

Lead Generation Business

Lead Generation

Are you a business owner that would like to get new leads without the headache and the up front costs and time of having digital marketing campaign implemented on your website? We can target clients for you and give you solid leads with no money up front!

Target Your Competitors Customers

Geo ConQuesting | GeoFencing

GeoFencing targets Your Competitor’s Customers Show, Them Your Ads, and Track Them To Your Place Of Business! Show Them Ads On Their Smartphones, Laptops, Desktops, Tablets… Even Work Computers!

Digital Marketing Sales Funnel Company Atlanta

Marketing Funnels

Marketing funnels not only generate sales but they allow us to see what needs to be changed in the set up of the sales on the website. We can manage and make the changes necessary to generate a successful market funneling campaign. 

Google My Business Website Content Duplication

Did You Know Google Now Offers A FREE Website?

In 2017 Google launched a website platform for businesses in GMB. We have the technology to build out the Google website in Google My Business to clone your website. We can include many links back to your personal website to build domain authority. It is normally a one page website with your general information.

Local SEO Services | Local Digital Marketing Agency

Google Maps 3 Pak

We use several technologies when performing local SEO services for a service companies. Our Goal is get your website to show up in the 3 pack of Google maps and in the natural results in local surrounding areas. 

BackLink Building On Google Platforms

Backlink Building Using Google Platforms

Who LOVES Google more than Google? No one! We have a state of the art digital marketing tool that utilizes almost every platform Google offers to the public. If you want prodigious results we can build out a backlinking campaign that can target not just your website but your "Google My Business" page. Even a page on a business directory or social media platform.

How To Speed Up Your WordPress Website | Optimize Website For Speed Atlanta

Speed UP Your Website

Google is now penalizing websites in its new algorithm update. The ones getting hit the hardest are the mom and pop websites. We offer 3 different packages and just to be upfront the smallest package will probably work for your website.

Custom Schema Designer Services

Structured Data Schema Designer

We offer custom schema markup coding for websites as well as repair schemas that fail Google's testing tool.

Retargeting Ads Branding

Retargeting Visitors

A internet user can visit your website 3 times before they make a purchase. That is a qualified lead! Using a retargeting campaign in your digital marketing strategy can increase your sales up to 70%.

Call us to discuss your company and your goals. (678) 218-0400

Owning The Market With More Than SEO

Computer Construction Company was founded in 2001 and we pride ourselves on staying ahead of the competition in technology and results. Google's algorithm changes on a regular basis, therefore if an Atlanta search engine optimization company is not continuing their education with digital marketing strategies and marketing tools they will fall behind and so will their clients.

Search engine optimization is a must to have for a successful digital marketing campaign on the internet. The most important step for SEO services is to do an extensive report of the portfolio of your website, your competition as well as your market.

We know digital marketing and we can prove it with our staff which have extreme amount of years in the Digital marketing industry and sales.

Most SEO companies focus on ranking you on Google, not only do we focus on Google, we also focus on driving quality leads to your company from multiple sources that increase your return of investment (ROI), dramatically.

Give us a call at (678) 218-0400 or fill out our quote form to learn what we can do for you.

Atlanta Search Engine Optimization Company

Lori OBrien gives a stunning testimonial at the Gwinnett Chamber Of Commerce about our digital marketing services.

Due To Algorithm Changes Digital Marketing Isn't Based On Only Search Engine Optimization SEO Services. Our Marketing Strategy Targets Many Platforms And Technologies To Drive Quality Traffic To Your Website For Online Conversions.

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