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SEO Services

A Company can spend 10's of thousands of dollars having a website designed and built but if it has not been optimized to show up in the search engines like Google then they are wasting their money.

We consider ourselves SEO experts because we have not only been providing SEO services since 2001, we have continued to learn new SEO techniques to keep up with the changing algorithms.

If you hired an SEO company and your website was performing extremely well and now it has dropped off, it may be that the SEO techniques the company that considers themselves SEO experts have not kept up with the changing algorithms or continued education. Allow us to to do a free evaluation to determine what has gone wrong with the SEO campaign on your website.

Atlanta Search Engine Optimization Services | SEO Services AtlantaSearch Engine Optimization, SEO is an on-page manipulation with targeted keywords implemented into the content, coding, videos and/or images as well as page title and description to get your website to show up in the natural results (also known as organic results) of the search engines.

The natural results is the free section of the serps, usually right below the map section. However, Google has started a new section in some categories called jobs and it is in between the maps and natural results. We focus on Google because it is the most used search engine on the internet. We don't let Bing and Yahoo behind we submit your website to them as well even though they don't have the traffic Google does.

In today's world of digital marketing it takes extensive SEO services on a website to get Google's attention. Google focuses on Google and has made it harder for companies to rank in search engines manipulating your website so you will purchase a Pay Per Click Campaign from them. That can get quite expensive, for instance the cost per click for the search term "SEO Company Atlanta" is $31.61.

In order to have a successful digital marketing strategy we recommend on-page SEO, backlink building, citation creation and new content to the website on a regular basis. Another important factor is your website has to be mobile friendly and load fast otherwise Google will penalize your website before you even get started.

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  1. Onpage SEO - lets Google know that your page is more important than your competition
  2. Back Link Building - Google changed the way they rate a website. It used to be a rating from 1 to 10. Now it is ranked by domain authority and it is a ranking method of 0 to 100. Google also ranks the individual pages on your website as well the same way. (When you see big name websites in the top of the search results it is because they have a high domain authority.)
  3. Citations - is your business mentions (Company name, address, link to website and phone number) on online business directories. This tells Google that your a legitimate company and can be trusted. Some of these business directories allow you to add a business description which is really good for you.
  4. New Content - There are several reasons for new content for a digital marketing campaign!
    1. It tells Google that you are trying to educate your visitors about your services or products.
    2. It allows us to build inner linking on your website so when the new article is submitted the search engine's robots come and follow the links off of that page.
    3. We create a siloed structured social media platform that each article is submitted to that has multiple links back to the website pages. We recommend at the very least one article a week.

Late last year is when Google rolled out the algorithm change that will penalize your website for loading slowly. A website that loads fast is considered user friendly by google. We offer Website Speed Optimization services and you can click here to learn more.

In the spring of 2015 Google launched the new algorithm to penalize websites that are not mobile friendly. However since then the algorithm has only gotten stricter so it is not something to ignore.

  • Mobile Searchers are 39% more likely to call a business
  • These mobile users are 51% more likely to make a purchase
  • 78% of people searching on mobile devices make a purchase within one day

Website Design Company Specializing In SEO Services In Atlanta

Computer Construction Company, Inc is a SEO company that provides website design services in Atlanta since 2001. We consider ourselves SEO Specialists. When we started providing SEO services Amazon was barely known, Google was actually competing with MSN and Yahoo. The Google algorithm was simple and easy to beat back then compared to today's algorithm.

In fact did you know that Google has multiple algorithms and multiple databases now? It is very important to have your website conform to meet the requirements of each algorithm so you can be on top of your competition. Give us a call for a FREE consultation on what will best meet your needs and goals at (678) 218-0400.

As one of the best seo companies in Atlanta, you can rest assured that we will do a fantastic job driving traffic to your website. Even companies that just have a website designed and built by us gets traffic. Please note that they are in smaller areas versus Atlanta.

If you are wanting to show up in Google maps we offer a SEO mapping service that will get you in the 3 pack of the maps listing. We offer a research program to offer you the best geological SEO service to target the correct map areas. We want you to make the most money with your investment. It does not matter if you are business to business service or business to the public users searching for your services or products.

In the process of providing your company with internet advertising your website usually needs to be tweaked to create lead generation or sales conversion, our marketing consultants that includes website designers will make those changes once a conversion plan is developed.

Take note that are a web hosting company and our best price is $75.12 a year and it does not shoot up after the expiration.

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Professional WordPress Website Design

We use top of the line software to build you a beautiful website that can become your #1 sales rep. It is user friendly for your visitors as well as easy for you to maintain in the back end. We practice the highest standards when it comes to compatibility for all devices and technologies.

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We Specialize In SEO Services

We started out as an SEO company back in 2001. We have the SEO techniques mastered! If you are ready to build your business then you are ready for us to provide SEO services to your website!

Small Business Website Hosting

Small Business Website Hosting

Texas Peach Web Hosting is dedicated to providing the highest quality of web hosting to small and medium size businesses. We want to be your number one tool for displaying your business on the Internet. We have researched the big boys' website hosting companies and we have made it possible to have exactly or more than what they have to offer and at a lower price.

Owning The Market With More Than SEO

Computer Construction Company was founded in 2001 and we pride ourselves on staying ahead of the competition in technology and results. Google's algorithm changes on a regular basis, therefore if an Atlanta search engine optimization company is not continuing their education with digital marketing strategies and marketing tools they will fall behind and so will their clients.

Search engine optimization is a must to have for a successful digital marketing campaign on the internet. The most important step for any online business is SEO services!

We know SEO and we can prove it with our extreme amount of years as an SEO Company.

Most SEO companies focus on ranking you on Google, not only do we focus on Google, we also focus on driving quality leads to your company to increase your return of investment (ROI), dramatically.

Give us a call at (678) 218-0400 or fill out our quote form to learn what we can do for you.

Atlanta Search Engine Optimization SEO Company Atlanta

Lori OBrien gives a stunning testimonial at the Gwinnett Chamber Of Commerce about our SEO services.